My Husband has a Beer-Mentor. Yes, a Beer-Mentor. Every other month, Nick (“The Hubs”), starts measuring different grains and hops and yeast and water, and begins to sanitize and boil large solutions of liquid-stuff in my big fancy soup pot, and turns my kitchen into a brewery lab. And he consults seriously, of course, with Vito, his Beer-Mentor on solutions and tastes and hues and pure potency of beer-goodness (for lack of any technical terms here). So in this 3-year beer-mentoring process, the day came when Nick proudly pounded his chest (in his beer-man-smock) and declared that his Beer-Mentor had declared that The Hubs no longer needed him—the protégé had passed the teacher. Vito is still available, but only as an occasional sounding board on seriously-needed-beer feedback—bitter sweetness in that moment (but not the beer). As a Beer-Mentor, is Nick going to go to him for financial advice? Duh, no. But why do so many people seek out advice from friends and family on topics that they have zero evidence of success in? Would you ask your Dentist for advice on a heart issue? Or turn to funny-Uncle-Darren, who’s a Business Professor, but has never owned a real business, to seek out advice on starting a business? There is an enormous gap between a person who gives an opinion on every topic, versus a mentor. Mentors 1.) have real-life experience in the exact area you are seeking counsel in 2.) they have long-term experience in the exact area you are seeking counsel in, and 3.) they have “fruit on the tree”–actual results in the exact area you are seeking counsel in.  Lastly, mentors are people. Google search engine is not a mentor. Google is an internet-based bathroom wall, where anyone can whine and complain anonymously and claim unqualified information as “research.” Do you want to base your next major decision on a guy sitting in his Mama’s basement floor at 3 am, anonymously posting random pubescent opinions simply out of boredom, annoyance, or rebellion? Be careful, where we are choosing to get our information from because it can damage or delay the next positive chapter in our life. If I want to understand the world of networking within a business, then I am going to seek out an expert on my business team, not search for an answer through the internet—the internet doesn’t coach me on stopping the bad habit of speaking louder to folks who do not speak English, (which explains why a lot of people would walk away from me). Besides, a Beer-mentor, we may have more than one mentor for different topics—spiritual, financial, family, etc. Who is your mentor? How have they helped you?



Another personal favorite. If you’ve never exposed yourself to the writings of Napoleon Hill in the past, then I highly recommend starting with this one.  Coming from a poor, coal-miner family-background, was adopted and raised by his Stepmother, and encouraged with education and a typewriter.  Based on one person, that chose to help this young boy, Hill grew up to write inspirational books that have inspired millions of readers worldwide.  Hill discusses topics such as Imagination, Learning from Failure, Tolerance, Action, Self-Control, and so much more to feed the human spirit.



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