Cover of "What to Say When you Talk To Yo...

Cover of What to Say When you Talk To Yourself

A smart human, somewhere on the planet, has figured out that the average person thinks about 70,000 thoughts per day, a thought every 1.2 seconds!—(oh, there went 3 already related to food…but, um, that’s just me). A smarter guy, estimated that 70-80 % of those thoughts are actually negative (I wonder if he was just a pessimist), and the smartest guy determined that 50% of those negative thoughts are actually about our selves! It can be as simple as you being a sales rep, introducing yourself to a new person in one of your accounts, staring at them blankly, as you present a big smile, hand them your business card, and letting them know that you’re available to help them with their shipping needs, and then the owner appears and tells you, “Oh good, I see you’ve just met your competitor!” (Ahem, I don’t know who would ever do that BTW, ahem, ahem). The following thought might be “Boy, am I an idiot,” or after many years of building up a healthy self-image cushion of internal self-talk, think “Oh, good, I’ve just met the person that I’m taking this account from.” So, there’s that “self-talk”—the things you say to yourself—it could be in your head, or actually out loud, that endless chatter personal to you, that feeds your subconscious motor, and hangs out like a anti-virus monitoring system on your mental laptop, in the background. Did you know that our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between self-talk and reality? I don’t mean if you keep saying, “I’m growing a third arm, I’m growing a third arm” that you’ll grow a third arm. But if for the past year, you’ve been worrying about your savings account dwindling to $2000, and you’ve been beating yourself up over money that you’ve spent on frivolous stuff, and the thought process is usually “Why do I spend unnecessarily? Why can’t I control the money coming in? I’m never going to get out of debt”, then those thoughts can be replaced with “I’m great with money, I’m smart with my money, I am saving $35,000 this year”—positive statements in the present tense. It may not be real yet, but your mind doesn’t know the difference and starts acting las if you are great with money. Interesting, huh? Self-talk is a flabby muscle that we need to exercise every day. I’d love to hear about your own personal self-mantra’s good, bad, or outrageous.



“Imagine relying on yourself to optimize your outlook, focus your plans, and keep you on top, in touch, and going for it! You can do it, by adopting the simple techniques of Self-Talk, and understanding the power of key phrases like these: — I choose my thoughts. No thought, at any time, can dwell in my mind without my permission.– I have talents, skills and abilities — and I’m discovering new talents all the time. “ (Excerpt from book)

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