When I graduated from the Rutgers land of pressure-cooker classes and novel-size exams, I gladly high-fived goodbye every notion of academia and it’s overpriced textbooks. For all you fellow Psychology majors, my conditioned response to picking up a book correlated with dense text and mental exhaustion, so as you can come to understand, I had as much desire to pick up a book after college, as I did to be bitten by a rabid pit bull. So what changed?—10 years ago after 9-11, I found myself laid off, relationship-less, broke, figuring out how to deal with a weird illness, with no health insurance. Oh, and did I mention that I had to move back in with my parents in New Jersey?

I think it was Einstein, who said (totally paraphrasing here) that you can’t solve your current level of problems, with the same level of thinking (I will so have to look that up later), but I remember that was like a mental pinch. I needed to start thinking differently, because I needed to understand how greater people think—and it’s not like I could call Norman Vincent Peale and invite him over for dinner, or ask Robert Kioysaki to go horse-back riding, but I could read their brain through their books. I have also come to realize that every new book has strengthened some synaptic gap in my own brain to help me make better choices—from recognizing the qualities I found in my Husband , to realizing, (I mean REALLY seeing) the friendships that are real, and figuring out that all the wealthy-healthy folks in the world aren’t smarter, than us, but rather have different information—that’s all!

Perhaps my little blog here will just annoy you, or maybe some part of it will ding a neuron, but this is my good ‘ole try to encourage you to open up the universe a bit, past the same news on TV, and check out some of these books. I do have a promise—I will never recommend a book, that I have not already read. I am also not a guru of reading, (although I accept many compliments). I’ve just come to learn that I am an absolute fool, if I think what I know now is enough. So enjoy the recommendations, and leave me any feedback (only if you have something good to to say). Ok, ok, leave feedback for me anyway.




“Why is it that some people make dream after dream come true, while others continue dreaming and spend their lives building dreams for someone else?  One simple reason, those people have found their SLIGHT EDGE!  This book is not just another Self-help, motivation tool of methods you must learn in order to make up the path of success.” (Excerpt from Review section of The Slight Edge)

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